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Replace HPS/HID

Replace HPS/HID
Model: SP 150 LED Spectrum with IR for 1.5"x3"
Actual power: 140W+/-5%@100--277VCoverage:Veg2’x3’(60x90cm); Bloom:1.5’x3’(45x90cm)Compared to HPS/MH/HID:250WAverage Yields:1.8g/WPPE: 2.35-2.57umol/jItem NO.Mars SP-150 LEDDraw power120V:1.12A;134W 240V:0.58A;139WSpectrum380~410nm,650~665nm 3000~3200K, 6000~6500KCoverage2'X2'Chip BrandNew SMD..
Model: SP 250 Best Led Spectrum with IR, UV for 2"x4"
Actual Power: 245W+/-5%@100--277VCoverage: Veg:3’x5’(90x150cm); Bloom:2’x4’(60x120cm)Average Yields: 1.8g/WCompared to HPS/MH/HID: 400wPPE:2.35--2.57umol/JSP 200 is previous name of SP 250, if you get the SP 200, the sticker info is incorrect, please contact us for the updated info.It..
Brand: Mars Hydro Model: TS 1000 QB LED
Actual Power: 150W+/-5%@100--277VCoverage:Veg:3’x3’(90x90cm); Bloom:2’x2’(60x60cm)Compared to HPS/MH/HID:250WAverage Yields: 1.5g/WPPE:2.1--2.35umol/JItem NO.Mars TS-1000 LEDDraw power120V :1.25A;150W 240V:0.62A;148WSpectrum660-665nm,3200-4200K,5200-6800KCoverage3'X3'Chip BrandNew SMD EpistarWork Te..
Model: TS 3000 QB LED
Actual Power: 450W+/ -5%@ 100--277VCoverage: Veg: 5’x5’(150x150cm); Bloom: 4’x4’(120x120cm)Compared to HPS/MH/HID: 800WAverage Yields: 1.5g/W PPE: 2.1-- 2.35umol/JItem NO.Mars TS 3000 LEDDraw power120V :3.78A;450W 240V:2.02A;436WSpectrum660-665nm,3200-4200K,5200-6800KCoverage5'X5' for veg;..
Model: TS 600 LED
Actual Power: 100W±5%@AC120V 99W±5%@AC240V   Coverage: Veg: 2’x2’(60x60cm); Bloom: 1.5’x1.5’(45x45cm)Compared to HPS/MH/HID: 150WAverage Yields: 1.5g/W PPE: 2.1-- 2.35umol/JItem NO.Mars TS 600 LEDDraw power100W±5%@AC120V 99W±5%@AC240VSpectrum660-665nm,3000-3200K,6000-6500KCoverag..
Model: TSL 2000 QB LED
Actual Power:300W+/-5%@100--277VCoverage:Veg:3’x5’(90x150cm); Bloom:2’x4’(60x120cm)Compared to HPS/MH/HID:450WAverage Yields: 1.5g/WPPE:2.1--2.35umol/JItem NO.Mars Hydro TSL 2000 LEDDraw power120V :2.5A;300W 240V:1.35A;298WSpectrum660-665nm,3200-4200K,5200-6800KCoverage3'X6' for veg, 2'x4' for flowe..
Model: TSW 2000 QB LED
Actual Power: 310W+/ -5%@ 100--277VCoverage: Veg: 4’x4’(120x120cm); Bloom: 3’x3’(90x90cm)Compared to HPS/MH/HID: 450WAverage Yields: 1.5g/W PPE: 2.1-- 2.35umol/JItem NO.Mars TSW 2000 LEDDraw power120V :2.56A;308W 240V:1.25A;300WSpectrum660-665nm,3200-4200K,5200-6800KCoverage4'X4'..
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